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Add-A-Cart Registration

Site Studio allows users to create their online e-shops by means of the Add-A-Cart Catalog page. To allow your users to create online product catalogs, a hosting provider should first become a reseller of Add-A-Cart and then enter the affiliate URL in SiteStudio.

With Add-A-Cart you are granted monthly fees for all clients you referred.


Becoming an Add-A-Cart Reseller

You can register as a reseller via E-Commerce Solutions registration page (owned by One Stop Merchant Services).

  1. Go to the E-Commerce Solutions Reseller Program page and click Enter to start registration.
  2. On the page that shows select one of the following two eBIZ plans offered:
  3. - Premium eBIZ is created for resellers who want to offer a complete e-commerce solution.
    - Standard eBIZ is created to offer a simple gateway interface to an existing shopping cart system.
  4. Click Proceed to continue.
  5. Next, fill out the registration form that appears:
  6. Click Submit.
  7. Fill out the form that shows:
    • Username and Password will be used to log into your admin web-based Add-A-Cart account;
    • Preferred Subdomain will be used by your customers to order Add-A-Cart accounts.
      *After the registration your subdomain will look like:
  8. Click Submit to complete registration.

As soon as your reseller account is registered, you will be notified by email.  

Entering Affiliate URL

Once you have registered as a reseller of Add-A-Cart, you will receive your own affiliate URL that will direct your customers to Add-A-Cart.

So that your customers could register their user accounts with Add-A-Cart, you should:

  1. Enter define the following variable into the psoft_config/ file:
    E_COMMERCE_SOLUTIONS = http://[your affiliate URL]
    where URL is the one you received from Add-A-Cart, e.g:
  2. Restart SiteStudio.

This URL will appear on the Add-A-Cart Catalog page in the SiteStudio interface instead of the default one.

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